The Mules Finish Strong

November 2, 2006

The Mules finished strong only losing one game. They ended the season 4-1 after a close last game that they won by one point scored in the last four plays of the game. I am very proud of my son and his team.

 Kick ‘em Mules


Sarah the model!

October 8, 2006


Last Sunday we were asked by someone at our church if our daughter Sarah had done any modeling, at first I said no but then I remembered that both Jacob and Sarah have had their pictures taken by my brother-in-law for use as stock photos, there are some limitations as to what these stock photos can be used for but you never know who are when they will be used. As it turns out one of the stock photos of Sarah had been used in September issue of a health magazine called “Health ‘N Vitality. Needless to say we are very proud of her.

The Mules are still Kickin’

October 8, 2006


Jacob’s Mighty Mites football team the “Mules” are still undefeated after 3 games. The second game was a bit more challenging but the Mules still won with a score of 28-0. The Mules faced their stiffest competition to date in the third game, it was very exciting game and the Mules came out with a 28-14 victory. The best part is Jacob is excited and having fun playing. KICK ‘EM MULES!

Ask yourself who is really winning “The Contest

September 27, 2006

Ask yourself who is really winning “The Contest” is it Pat, Erick or Me? Let us take a look and see, Pat sold a car radio/cd/mp3 player for way more than $50.00 so he has his $50.00 but has not done anything with it yet. Poor Erick listed the same headset race car scanner thing 3 times before he finely sold it along with an ipod charger and blow up airplane pillow so he now has his $50.00. I started by selling the old gutters off of my house making $25.20 then I invested in some rockets and made $17.16 giving me $42.36, I messed around with a shirt that I just broke even on then I sold an ipaq, mp3 watch and cycling shoes this allowed me to added $24.80 to my $42.36 for a total of $67.16, so ask yourself who is winning? Oh yeah that would be me.


September 23, 2006


Thursday night was Jacob’s first Mighty Mites Football game; he is in first grade so this was his first real football game to play in. He plays safety for the mules, so he gets to run a lot.  After running through their poster (just like in High School) Jacob got to be one of the captions and go on the field for the coin toss. The mules won 28-0; I am proud dad and am glad they won their first game. KICK ‘EM MULES

The shirt sold!

September 18, 2006

a6_1.jpgThe shirt sold! But for only $6.00, I made a $1.00 on shipping so that covered eBay, paypal fees and sales so now I am even. Check out my things for sale link, most of what I am selling goes to new cycling shoes. But I will be listing 2 ipaqs this week for the contest.

Arkansas vs. USC

September 4, 2006

I got to go the watch my favorite football team the ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS play in
Fayetteville, Arkansas. I was with three friends. We stopped on the way at Hogwild BBQ for barbeque nachos (now that’s some good stuff). We arrived at the stadium about 3 ½ hours before the game and started looking for tickets, some were selling for $200.00 each, we had to split up because we could not find four tickets together, I sat on the 35 yard line east side 14 rows up with one of my buddy’s, the other two of us were up higher by the pig screen TV but still on the lower level. We paid face for all the tickets ($35.00 each). I have learned along time ago that you can have fun at a game even if we don’t get a “W”, this was one of these games, and we had a blast. I made it home at 3:45 a.m., after spending an hour helping the 15 year old that was with us find his way back after he got lost leaving the stadium, then I made it to church at 8:30 with out much of a voice. The best part for me and I think for a lot of people was getting see Mitch Mustain play. Again even with the drunken couple behind us spilling beer all over us it was still a fun game.